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Frequently asked questions

Our transparency towards our customers is the key to trust.


Will my dog be waiting in a crate?

No, we do not use any cages in either location.

We use Bond brand odorless collars.

Attached to the floor with a chain, the dog can sit or lie down without discomfort.

These measures allow the dogs to be comfortable.  



Why does the grooming time vary?

Grooming times are estimated based on general information such as breed, size, coat condition and desired cut, as indicated by phone.


The time estimate does not take into account what we do not control.


Every day we work with different dogs whose characteristics are different.

A dog that has never been shaved or that has had bad experiences may take longer to groom.

Sometimes we have to help a colleague with a dog (e.g. who is afraid of water, who doesn't want to have his paws touched, lift the dog to put him in the bath...) by reassuring him.


Drying a long-haired dog takes more time.


This does not change the fact that each dog is treated in order of arrival, in respect of the behaviors, particularities and requests of each client, for the well-being of the animal!


Why use a muzzle?

We work with dogs: obviously, each dog has its limits of tolerance. We are sometimes strangers who handle them without asking their permission. We will not unnecessarily muzzle a dog that shows no signs of aggressivity. 

When a dog repeatedly shows signs of discomfort, it is a warning sign that it's about to reach its limit and may bite. But bite what? Us? The razor? The brush? The scissors? 


For the safety of the dog, we use muzzles called ''baskets''.

The dog can continue to open its mouth without being trapped, in complete safety.


Will my dog be in contact with other dogs?

At no time are dogs from different families in contact with each other. They have their own space along the walls, without coming close to each other.


A slightly more isolated section of the large room, separated by a low wall, is reserved for dogs that are reactive to others in order to avoid provocation. 


Do you accept all breeds?

Why limit ourselves? All dogs need to be pampered. 


We accept all breeds, big and small, without limit! 


How many months is it best to wait before shaving a puppy?

It's not necessarily the number of months that matters, but whether your puppy is ready for a big day. 


As a first grooming experience, for puppies three months and older, we suggest starting with a bath or small touch-ups with a scissor.


This step is very important to gently get the animal used to regular grooming, to get it used to our tools and to gain its confidence. 


A good first grooming is crucial for future appointments.


From the second appointment, we can start shaving

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