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Food and environmental intolerance analysis

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We offer the "stress scan test"  from Glacier Peak Holistic.


This non-intrusive test allows you to perform a biological scan using a sample of your dog or horse's saliva and hair.

This will determine,  among more than 300 foods and  environmental elements, those that could cause a stressor (intolerance).

It is offered to you at  $ 159.99 plus taxes. This price  includes absolutely everything! We collect the saliva and hair of your animal, we send it and we call you when we receive the results.


Please allow approximately  one month to receive the results.


We are not a veterinary clinic, but this test is used by holistic vets around the world. She  is also sold in certain pet stores throughout Quebec. Our mission is to give you a helping hand, that's all!  

Come see us for more information.

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