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As pet owners ourselves, we know that the health and safety of your pet is a priority. This is why our store is full of products and services that will help in the care and health of your pet.

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To know everything about our hygiene services for dogs and cats.

Intolerance analysis

Your dog shows signs of intolerances.


Wash your pet yourself

at Ö'Spot


Price for a complete grooming


The price varies depending on the breed, the size, the cut requested and the work to be done on your beloved pet.

We are on an hourly rate and during each appointment the price may vary depending on the work to be done.

*Since January 2022. Ö'Spot to adapt these prices.
Since the opening of Ö'Spot, the tools, the products and the salaries have simply increased,

we had to increase to continue to serve you with the best products and tools.

Always for animal welfare

We are proud to count them among our clientele, we accept new clients!!