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Our services


Service Toilettage

Maintenance (without an appointment!)

This service allows you to take care of unwanted fur between appointments.

  • Trim fur around the eyes

  • Claw trim

  • Trim/ shave the genitals

  • Paw outlines and under the paws

  • Tail trim

  • Ear trim

  • Ear cleaning

$10 for one service, then $5 for each service added (plus tax)

Price for a complete grooming

Services supplementaires

  • Bain moufette

  • Retirer des tiques

  • Traitement de la peau 

  • Vidange des glandes anales

  • Limage des griffes


The price varies depending on the breed, the size, the cut requested and the work to be done on your beloved pet.

We are on an hourly rate and during each appointment the price may vary depending on the work to be done.

*Since January 2022. Ö'Spot to adapt these prices.
Since the opening of Ö'Spot, the tools, the products and the salaries have simply increased,

we had to increase to continue to serve you with the best products and tools.

Always for animal welfare

We are proud to count them among our clientele, we accept new clients!!

toilettage cindy et sylvie.jpg

Bath Services / Maintenance

  • Bath (shampoo and conditioner)

  • Brushing

  • Clearing the eyes

  • Paw outlines

  • Shaving of the underside of paws

  • Shaving of the genitals

  • Ear cleaning

  • Claw trimming

Shedding Treatment Service

  • Bath (detox, shedding treatment, shampoo and conditioner)

  • Brushing in the bath

  • Deep drying

  • Another brushing 

  • Claw trim

  • Ear cleaning

  • Trim (if desired)


Nous avons aussi une station pour petit chien. Inutile de te blesser le dos pour laver ton chien. Bain surélevé

Your dog shows signs of intolerances.

Test d'intolérance
Intolerance analysis

Votre chien démontre des signes d'intolérances? 

Vous pensez que sa nourriture n'est pas fait plus lui? 

Des singes d'inconfort a chaque changement de saison ?

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